Stage 4 Road Cycle Marshall Positions

STAGE 4.1 ROAD CYCLE: Pinnacle Septimus Rd/Gargett Mia Mia Rd Intersection.

STAGE 4.2 ROAD CYCLE: Gargett Mia Mia Rd Gargett Turnaround

Stage 4.3 ROAD CYCLE: Gargett Mia Mia Road Septimus WATER STATION

We Love our volunteers!

If you are over 15 years of age on the day of the event we would really appreciate your help. Bring your family and friends up the Pioneer Valley to sit under a tree, on a river bank or near the Pinnacle Hotel for the day.

Many hands are needed to cheer on competitors, hand out water, fill in paperwork, move things, sweep stages, offer first aid, write on legs and arms, drive vehicles, set up and take down signage, refer incidents to officials, be a visible presence on the course, etc.

Please help us make the ZACH MACH be truly memorable and Volunteer Today.