camping AND CARB LOADING AT pinnacle hotel


  • KAYAK DROP-OFF at Teemburra Dam
  • car parking behind pinnacle hotel
7am: Sign-On AT pinnacle hotel event hq "pub hub"
7:45: Pre-Race Briefing
8am: Race Start
Stage 1a MTB (1st Half)...
Course Opens 8am. Departing Pub Hub to the Teemburra Dam Boat Ramp (8.6k. Approx. 20mins to 45mins). Close Section 9:00am

Stage 2 KAYAK (Still Water)
Course Opens 8:20am. Depart Teemburra Dam Boat Ramp to Middle Creek Return. (8k. Approx. 40min to 1hr30min). Close Stage 11:00am

Stage 1b MTB (2nd Half)
Course Opens 9:00am. Depart Teemburra Dam Boat Ramp to Pub Hub via Mia Mia State Forest. (20k. Approx. 50min-2hrs). Close Stage 1pm

Stage 3 TRAIL RUN (Longer)
Course Opens 9:30am. Depart Pub Hub to Gargett via Cattle Creek Return. (12k. Approx. 1hr-1:45hrs). Close Stage 3pm

Stage 4 ROAD CYCLE (Shorter)
Course Opens 10:30. Depart Pub Hub to Septimus Return. (27k. Approx. 45mins-1hr30mins) Close Stage 4:30pm

Estimated FINISH time of first competitor: 3hrs 35mins (Arrival Time 11:30am – 12noon)
Estimated FINISH time for final competitors: 7hrs 30mins. (Approx. arrival time 4:30-5pm)

Chill Out at the Pinnacle Pub for Dinner, Live Music and Tall Stories!