All participants must:

  • Be fit and able to cope with the demands of the event.

  • Accept responsibility for themselves and their belongings during the event.

  • Be prepared to abide by the rules and safety regulations associated with the event.

  • Follow all directions given by event officials.

  • Be ready for a whole load of adventure!

  • Be of 13 years of age or older.

  • All Stage 2 (Canoe) participants must be able to swim.


Safety is a key priority.

The Event is not a race and roads used will not be closed to traffic.

Participants must ride in a safe, responsible and courteous manner during The Event and use common sense at all times.

Participants must abide by the Queensland Road Rules and to follow directions given by The Organisers and Queensland Police. Participants must not ride more than 2 abreast on public roads.


Some important event rules include:

  • You must complete the course as outlined in the course information.

  • There MUST never be more that 20 meters between the first team member of a Pair and the last team member and you must be able to communicate verbally with each team member at all times.

  • At transition, both team members in the Pairs Category must check in and out.

  • At transition, the incoming Relay Team member must check in before the next team member checks out.

  • Obey all directions given by race officials on the day.

  • Compulsory equipment must be carried at ALL times.

  • The use of an eBike is allowed, but the participant/team will be ineligible for a Podium position and the competitor/team must have (eBike) attached to their registation name.

Penalties or Disqualification will apply for non-compliance with these rules. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we recommend that you read the full event rules in detail before the event.


Photographers and Media will be on the course taking photos of the event. Pictures will be able to be downloaded from the ZACH MACH Mackay Adventure Challenge Facebook Page. Spectators are more than welcome to take photos. The Participant consents to the use of these images for promotional purposes.


All team members are required to agree to the ‘Release and Indemnity Waiver’ before before online registration.


Each team must register on the morning of the event. Registration is open at the Start Line for a 30 minute period before the start, from 7am to 7:30am.

At registration you will be asked to check your team details and sign the waiver. Event officials will check that each team member has signed the waiver and that emergency contact details are provided, along with parental consent forms if necessary. Event packs, including Event ID and shirts will be.

If you have registered for support, you will need to make contact with the support personnel to ensure that your equipment if labeled correctly. All equipment, including bikes, helmets, canoes, paddles and life jackets will need to be dropped off prior to the event briefing.

After registration the remaining time is spent preparing and warming up. A word of advice… “Know the course and transition logistics well!!…”


A Safety & Event Briefing will occur before the event start. All team members MUST attend this briefing as it cover important information including:

  • Changes to the course

  • All the things you need to know to stay safe throughout the event.

  • Event specific information

The race will start immediately when the Event Briefing is finished.


A Transition Area is where you move from one Stage to another (ie Mountain Biking to Canoe/Kayak etc).

There are 3 transition areas on the course, in 2 different locations. Transition Areas are managed by volunteers. Transition areas have communication with Adventure HQ (Pinnacle Pub). If your team is in need of assistance or first aid, please make your way to the nearest Transition Area.

When you arrive at Transition, it is important that solo competitors and teams Check In & Out. Ensure that you give your details to officials when you arrive, and before you leave. To assist officials, tell them your team number and name as you approach the table.

Although every effort is made to avoid delays, it is possible you may have to queue at a transition area. Take this in your stride and be patient. Event officials are working hard to ensure you are on your way as quickly as possible.


Progressive closing times for locations along the event route will be noted. If the Participant falls behind these closing times they shall either board the Support Vehicle for transportation further along the route or hand over their ID and continue on alone and unsupported (essentially not as an event participant).

THE FINISH (Pinnacle Pub)

When you cross the finish line please ensure the following:

  • You and your team look awesome for the Finish Photo!

Enjoy the festivities and prize giving, and don’t forget to celebrate and share your war stories with other adventurers.

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