Pinnacle is located approximately 50 mins drive from Mackay along the Mackay-Eungella Road in the Pioneer Valley. Click on the Map below for details.

race hq

The Race HQ will be located at the Pinnacle Hotel which not only facilitates a fantastic spectacle for spectators, but a convenient central transition zone for Competitors. The Event will begin with Competitors in Stage 1 riding on Mountain Bikes from the "Pub Hub" and returning back to the "Hub". Competitors will begin the Stage 3 Trail run down Cattle Creek via Gargett before retuning back to the Hub where they transition to their Road Bikes (or tag another team member) for the Final Stage. See Maps.


The Stage 2 Kayak Course starts and finished at the Teemburra Dam Boatramp. This is where the MTB rider will ride to, before tagging or jumping into their kayak to complete the stage before the MTB Stage continues.  Drop-Off Open from 6am. Follow the Signs.

Stage 1: Mountain Bike (Approx. 30k).

The ZACH MACH will once again start with a challenging Mountain Bike Stage consisting of 2 parts. After departing ZACH MACH HQ at Pinnacle Hotel, competitors will be faced with a sharp, steep but short climb of MTB 1a ascending to Teemburra Dam, before the beginning of Stage 2 Kayak.


MTB Stage 1b then continues through single track and fireroads across private property before descending through Mia Mia State Forest on the way back to Adventure HQ at Pinnacle.

Check out “Morning Ride” on Relive! 

Limited Maps may be uploaded at a later stage due to the trails traversing private property and council/main roads approval. The trails crossing Private Property is forbidden outside of the ZACH MACH.



Stage 2: KAYAK TEEMBURRA DAM (Approx. 8k)

Competitors will race in deep still water in a loop across Teemburra Dam. 


Stage 3: Trail Run LOOP from PUb (Approx. 10k)

Competitors will run through cane paddocks and downstream Cattle Creek as they negotiate mud, sand, stones to Gargett and back along the Owens Creek Loop Road to the Pinnacle PUB HUB.

Stage 4: Road Cycle loop around Pinnacle (30k)

Competitors will depart ZACH MACH HQ at Pinnacle and head along Pinnacle Septimus Road. At Gargett-Mia Mia Road riders will turn left, cross the bridge return back past the intersection until the next turn-around near Septimus before heading back to the Pub Hub.


route & maps